Are you my Dream Girl?

Currently, I am looking for my Dream Girl. Preferable, you should be aged between 18 - 30 years old and
meet the following criteria:

Little or no experience in the Adult Industry

Prepared to pose for photographs and appear in video clips featuring you:
Using a vibrator / fucking machine
Giving blowjobs, with "cum in mouth"
Full sex with other girls
Full sex with guys.

You will be paid for the above work on the day(s) that it is recorded.

I will prepare video clips and your personal DVD from the above work.

You use social media to promote the sale of your video clips (and the other 350 clips which I already have)
and DVD (plus the other 60 DVDs which I already have). You earn a percentage of the sales proceeds for
each item sold (no limit on the amount of your commission, which will be paid on the 10th day
of each month).

You use social media to contact other girls to come along to photo / video shoots, and receive a fee for
each girl that you recruit.

Please use the contact page to get in touch.